# Mini Store opening interface access guide

# preface

This interface is suitable for those who do not have a small Mini Program, but want to open a Mini Program with Standard Trading Components or Quick Shop. If you already have an Mini Program please refer to the Access Guide for Standard.

In the use of Mini Stores open interface before, you need to enter the third-party platform, tick the permission to open a shop and the whole network distribution, and access tocomponent_access_tokenandauthorizer_access_tokenBefore you can use the store API

# The interfaces are invoked in the following order
  1. Call the A interface
  2. After the merchant has signed the agreement, which can be determined by callback whether the url successfully received the apppid, the D interface is called using the component_access_Token) to get the corresponding appid of the merchant. You can also poll the D interface when the register_Status is 0, on behalf of the business has been successfully signed, this time can get registered_appid
  3. Call B interface to submit payment review materials, if the return fails, according to the prompt information processing
  4. Polling the D interface, when accc_verify_Status is 2, the representative needs the merchant to verify the account, in this case the legal_validation_The url link is sent to the merchant for verification. When merchant_info_Status is 4, on behalf of the payment materials audit failure, need to prompt information processing. Note: Not all stores require account verification step, according to the status of polling to handle
  5. Continue polling the D interface using authorizer_access_Token), when basic_info_Status is 2, which means that the account has passed (or does not require account validation). At this point, you can call the C interface to submit the basic material. If the return fails, you will be treated according to the prompt
  6. Continue polling the D interface using authorizer_access_Token), when basic_info_Status 4 indicates that the review of the underlying materials has failed and needs to be revised and resubmitted. When pay_sign_Status is 2, on behalf of the basic materials approved, this time the user can pay to sign up, sign_Url to the merchant to pay the signing.
  7. Continue polling the D interface using authorizer_access_Token), when pay_sign_The shop was opened successfully

# A. Register a Mini Store account


Businesses through the call D interface, you can query to a business corresponding app id

After successfully receiving the appid, you can use component_access_Token calls the following interface

# B. Submission of payment qualification materials


After the interface call of submitting payment qualification materials is successful, it is necessary to call "polling audit status" interface to continuously query the audit status of qualification materials. The values of each status correspond to the following actions:

# C. Submit basic materials for Mini Stores


# D1. Click here to inquire about this domain name.


# D2. Polling audit status