# Service Provider Access

# Mini Store Service Market Authorization Guide

# Non-Services Ignore This Section

# A. Purchase Authorization

Users purchase packages on the service marketplace while granting a Mini Store permission set to third-party platforms:

  • If the Mini Store has not previously authorized the relevant permission set to the third party platform, then the third-party platform receivesAuthorization message callbackAfter, according to get AuthorizerAppid, Authorization Code and third-party platform owncomponent_access_tokenGenerationauthorizer_refresh_tokenThird party platforms need to save the authorizer_refresh_Token, used to get the user s authorizer_access_token。
  • If the store has previously authorized the permission set to a third party platform, use the previously saved authorizer_refresh_A token will do.
  • authorizer_refresh_If the token is lost, you can use thePull all authorized account informationGet your autorsizer back_refresh_token。

# B. Mini Stores trigger login

The Mini Store login process is divided into several steps:

  1. The user in the Mini Store management side in the purchase of services, select one of the click to use
  2. Mini Store management side generate code, and as a parameter stitched to the jump url 3) Third party platform to getcomponent_access_tokenWith the url parameter code request Mini StoreLogin interfaceAccess to User Information
  3. the third party to get the user information (appid), check whether the appid has been in the third-party account system, if not, trigger the registration, there is a direct login.
  4. callGet User Service ValidityInterface, obtaining the validity period of each specification service of the user and providing the corresponding service.

# C. Third party website direct login use

In addition to the Mini Store management side login, but also provide a third party own account system login way for merchants to use.


# D. Service provider uses user data (tune api)