# Interface update log

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# 2021.10.10

  1. Query the full product interface, query alliance selected product interface:
    • Total Order Num)
  2. Query order detail interface:
    • Backreference: Add custom user information (customuserId)
  3. New custom user information management interfaceSupport Twitter for a single WeChat open platform account (the main body needs to be consistent with Twitter account) under the specific unionid binding custom user parameters, bound users through the alliance to promote the material order, throughQuery order detail interfaceCan query the user corresponding to the custom user parameters.

# 2021.08.10

  1. Query order detail interface:
    • Back parameters: new product skuid, transaction quantity, settlement time and other fields.
  2. Added Directional Planning Interface: Support push guest call interface query directional plan details, registration directional plan, inquiry directional plan application status.

# 2021.07.01

  1. Query the full product interface, query alliance selected product interface:
    • Back reference: do not return the Mini Program code (wxaCode, coupon Wxa Code), if necessary, according to the promotion of goods short chain generated two-dimensional code.

# 2021.06.16

  1. Query order detail interface:
    • Input: Support Update Time Filter & Sort by Sub Status
    • Back to reference: added sub-commission status update time,
  2. Query product details information interface: split into query alliance selected product interface, query the full product interface
    • Entry: support sorting by sales volume, support filtering by delivery mode and delivery address
    • Back to reference: new product cumulative sales, delivery mode, delivery address, delivery range, not delivery area and other fields

# 2021.05.26

  1. Interface supports third - party platform proxy calls: authorized by tweetersAuthorization Process DxplainationYou can call the interface on its behalf.

# 2021.05.14

  1. Access to product promotion material interface: back to add coupons copy, coupons two-dimensional code

# 2021.05.07

  1. Get Merchandising Material Interface: Back to the new Mini Program whether to dereference the standard trading component
  2. Query order details interface: back to the new store appid, confirm receipt timestamp, estimate commission amount

# 2021.04.20

  1. Product Details Information Interface
    • Enter the reference: support according to whether there is a union ticket, a number of categories ID, multiple spuid, more than a blacklist category ID screening of goods.
    • Back reference: New information about coupon inventory, coupon denomination, coupon type, coupon time, etc.
  2. Access to product promotion material interface
    • Enter parameters: Add custom parameters.
    • Back reference: Add material with and without coupons, add information such as coupon post price.
  3. Query order details interface: back parameter added custom parameters.