# Twitter Access Guidelines

Promoters need to become Mini Program alliance pushers, in order to use the alliance to provide business matching, product selection, product promotion, effect tracking and other services. To become a tweeter, you just need to completeAccount RegistrationandAccount AuthenticationCan, the specific required information and access procedures, please refer to the document below.

# Data preparation

Complete the account registration and authentication needs to provide the following information, please prepare in advance, and ensure that the information is correct.

# 1. Enterprises and individual businesses

  • Business license: clear color scan or color digital photo (black and white copy needs official seal), support png, jpeg, jpg format
  • executive/Corporate identity information:
    • Chinese mainland residents: ID photos (portrait face and national emblem face), support png, jpeg, jpg format
    • Residents of other countries or regions: passport photos, support png, jpeg, jpg format
    • For Hong Kong Residents: Photos of Mainland Travel Permits, support png, jpeg, jpg formats
    • Chinese Macao residents: Mainland pass photos, support png, jpeg, jpg format
    • Chinese Taiwan residents: mainland pass, support png, jpeg, jpg format
  • Super administrator information: super administrator name, ID number, mobile phone number and email
  • Settlement Bank Account Information:
    • The company: the public bank account information, including the name of the bank and the full name of its branch, account name, bank account number
    • Individual industrial and commercial households: the public bank account information (account name and branch name, account name, bank account number) or Personal bank account information.

# 2. personal

Personal type tweets can be used after registration.

# Access step

# 1. Account Registration

1). Go to Mini Program alliance push official websiteUse WeChat to scan the QR code 2). Click on the "go to register" on on the phone, and start the account registration. 3). Read and agree to the "Mini Program alliance settled notice," enter the account name, click the "registration" on, complete the registration

# 2. Account Authentication

1). Go to Mini Program alliance push official website Use WeChat to scan the QR code on the page, and select the Twitter account to login.

2). Click the "Go to Authentication" on on the home page to enter the authentication process

3). Fill in the main account information, operator/Legal person identity information, settlement account information and super administrator (registered account users default to super administrator) information, and submit relevant materials for preliminary examination (usually completed within 30 seconds)

4). After the preliminary examination, you need to complete the account verification within 30 days. Choose one of the two verification methods: remittance verification or Legal person scan code verification <img src="../../image/Farenrenzheng.pn'>

5). After completion of verification and approval (1-2 working days), Need to set the super administrator to sign the "WeChat Payment Service Agreement (e-commerce platform secondary merchants)" electronic agreement, after completion of the WeChat payment merchants used to settle the commission

6). Finally, binding settlement bank accounts, submit settlement bank account information and relevant information, after verification can be used to withdraw trading commissions.