# Mini Program alliance commission calculation rules

# I. Rules for the establishment of merchant commissions

  1. Conceptual interpretation

    (I) Commission: means that the Tweeter shall calculate and obtain the corresponding benefits based on the promotion services provided for the Merchant's promotion information, and on the basis of the commission proportion set and displayed on the relevant page by the Businessman in advance, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the Platform Rules.

    (2) Product Commission Ratio: refers to the promotion commission ratio set separately by the merchant for the main product.

    (3) Category Commission Ratio: Refers to the custom commission ratio set by the merchant for each category of his shop (including the merchant's default benchmark commission ratio).

  2. The maximum commission rate for commodities supported by the system is 90%. The minimum commission rate is the benchmark commission rate (Click to see the benchmark commission rate standard)。

  3. Businesses are inMini Program allianceMerchant end The "main product" and "category commission" module to complete the commission set, the next day zero effect.

# II. Rules for Calculation of Commission

  1. Commission Tracking Rules

    (1) Validity period of promotional information

    Promotion information: refers to the goods displayed through the service/service/Store and related information in the form of text, pictures, etc. (such as merchandise title, merchandise pictures, merchandise details information, discount information, etc.) Including the product or service description contained in the information and the content of the pages linked to the information, the merchant sets the percentage of commission in the promotion information.

    The validity period of promotion information is 30 days (30 days after the creation of promotional information is valid), the expired promotion information orders are no longer calculated commission.

    Validity of commission tracking

    Commission tracking is valid for 15 days, if the user has access to the promotion information within the validity of the information, Then in the following 15 days (15 natural days after visiting the promotion information), the user buys the goods or the goods in the other Mini Program commission goods, are involved in the commission calculation.

  2. Commission Calculation Rules

    (1) The promotion information released to the public based on the promotion service provided by the Tweeter for the merchant, when the user clicks on the product or service link in the promotion message and makes the purchase directly or meets other conditions stipulated in the platform rules, The amount of goods paid by the user will be entered into the merchant's WeChat Pay Merchant or personal WeChat wallet after deducting the corresponding amount of commission set by the merchant. The amount of commission set by the merchant is the amount that the tweeter deserves, Tencent has the right to deduct 10% of the technical service fee from the amount of commission that Twitter should pay to Tencent according to the proportion of the technology service fee (10%) set in advance. The specific calculation method is as follows:

    • A merchant's fee for an item = Commission base for the product * The percentage of clearing commission for the product.

      Merchant's payout commission on an order = The sum of the commissions paid on all commission items in the order.

    • Twitter's commission income from an order = Merchant's commission payout for the order - Platform technical service fees.

    (2) Commission base: refers to the actual transaction price of a merchant's goods when they are successfully purchased (the amount of goods actually paid by the customer for the order, excluding freight and import taxes).

    (3) Calculation of settlement commission proportion

    The calculation logic of settlement commission ratio is: take the maximum value of "product commission ratio," "custom commission ratio" and "benchmark commission ratio."

    Commission calculation rules for each promotion mode

    A transaction such as the buyer before the transaction, browsing multiple Twitter promotion information, the transaction commission settlement to the priority high Twitter. The priorities are as follows:

    • First priority: Direct sales promotion (promotion of goods and buyers buy the same goods)
    • Second priority: indirect transaction product promotion (promotion of goods and buyers purchase goods inconsistent)

    If the same direct transaction product promotion/Indirect transaction of goods promotion (the same priority), then the priority settlement to a later contact with the buyer (that is, the user is exposed to the last promotional information) push off.

    For example, in the same Mini Program, user A visits a product promoted by Twitter B but does not buy it, and within 15 days visits the product popularized by Tweet C, Goods b, c and d are purchased, and the commission on goods b is settled to B (direct transaction), the commissions on goods c are settled to C.

# III. Rules for the Settlement of Commissions

  1. Commission settlement date, that is, the time when the commission is paid to the Twitter customer

    (1) If the order has not been refunded after 27 days after the customer confirmed receipt of the goods, then the

    • enterprise/Individual industrial and commercial households type push customer: commission amount into push customer can withdraw cash account, push customers can go to "Mini Program alliance push client - fund settlement" view and withdraw cash

    • Personal Type Tweeter: Commission amount into Twitter WeChat "I - pay - wallet - change."

    In the event of major events or uncontrollable factors affecting the settlement date, a notice will be given in advance.

  2. The commission earned by Twitter and the commission paid by merchants shall be calculated in RMB and rounded to the nearest two decimal places.

# IV. Supplementary Provisions

This rule is a dynamic document, we have the right to update the content of the relevant laws and regulations or product operation needs to amend, update, add the relevant rules, you should be able to review again and again to get the latest information.