# Video Number Access Guidelines

To help developers monetize the video by livestreaming, WeChat offers the ability to access video numbers via Mini Programs, which you can access via either standard or custom trading components.

# Video Number Access Conditions

1, complete the access of custom components/Complete access to standard components

2, small procedures need to have basic customer service and after-sales ability, the daily operation process, the official auditors will regularly spot check

# Specific operational guidelines

# Step 1: Complete the Standard Edition/Custom Component Access

Custom Trading Components:

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Standard Trading Components:

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# Step 2: Go to the video number to sell goods

Associated Mini Program guidelines:Click to jump

Association conditions: component access has been completed (custom component judgment based on the ticket is open), and meet one of the following to associate the current video number with the Mini Program

(1) The video number is the same as the main body of the Mini Program

(2) The video number is the same as the super administrator of the Mini Program

The administrator of the video number is the promoter of the Mini Program (which can be set in the mp backstage trading module)

Live Selling Guidelines:Click to jump

# Step 3: Set up a video number promoter

Mini Program set promoters, the promoters can be in their own video number in the binding Mini Program, to reach a number of employees/Store binding video number requirements.

Setting guidelines:

(1) After the Mini Program is connected to the trading component, go to the WeChat Official Platform and open the “Trading component>Scene access>Video Number”

Click on "Promoter" Enter Promoter WeChat ID, click search, in the search results, check the WeChat

Click on "Confirm"

Note: Promoters can only switch the bound Mini Program once every six months. Some e-commerce platform Mini Program temporarily does not support the use of promotor function.

# Complete introduction to trading components