# Function explaination

Push customer backstage for promoters to provide promotion bit management, product promotion, order data, member management, account settings, fund settlement function modules, help promoters select the right products for promotion, while improving the efficiency of promotion conversion. It needs to be noted thatAfter completing Twitter account authentication, you can use Twitter background normally

# Promotion Position Management

Mini Program alliance for each promotion bit assigned a unique ID, used to identify the promotion channel, push customers to get material must choose promotion bit, otherwise the merchandise can not be settled after the commission. Push guest in the "promotion bit management" module can be promoted to add, delete, edit the operation.

# Product promotion

The Mini Program Alliance provides a product library for Twitter, which shows the products that can be promoted throughout the alliance, and Twitter can choose according to demand. At the same time, the Union also provides a variety of promotional materials for Twitter, which facilitates Twitter users in external APP, Mini Program, Official Account message template, Session, video number and other channels for product distribution. Specific material types include:

  • A Mini Store where the goods belong/Mini Program AppID as well as Product detail page Path
  • Product promotion copy (can be edited twice) as well as Extended short chain
  • Basic product information (shop name, product name, price), product picture, product poster as well as Product Mini Program code.

It needs to be noted thatOnly through the material generated by the alliance (AppID + Path, promotion of short chain, product posters, product Mini Program code) to bring promotion transactions will generate commissions

# 1. Choose goods

Click on the "product library" module to enter the product list page. Push customer can according to the product category, price, commission, commission dimensions such as the proportion of the selection of goods sorting, select the appropriate goods to promote. Click on the product card to preview the product details.

# 2. Get promotional material

Move the cursor to the merchandise card, click on the "promotion," select the promotion to get promotional material, promotional material support copy and download. If you want to download promotional material in bulk, you can first add the product to the "Selection Set" and then get the material.

# Order Data

The orders generated by the promotion (the orders successfully paid by the user) will be displayed in the "Order Data" module, Including order number, user payment time, product information, promotion position, commission and commission settlement status and other information, push customer can download order details for reconciliation. There are three states of commission settlement:

  • To Be Settled: The customer has paid successfully, if the order is not in the after-sales process, the commission will be settled 27 days after the customer confirms receipt.
  • Settled: Commission settled, Twitter can withdraw to the binding settlement bank account
  • Settlement cancellation: The order is cancelled due to the customer's return and refund, and the transaction fails, the commission is not settled.

For details of commission setup and calculation rules, please refer toMini Program alliance commission calculation rules

# Membership management

In the "member management" module, Twitter users can add account administrators, administrators allow login management background, promote goods, view data and initiate commission withdrawal. You can add up to 100 account administrators.

# Funds settlement

In the "Fund Settlement" module, Twitter users can view the settled commissions, administrator or super administrator can initiate withdrawal application, after approval of the commission will be transferred to the binding settlement bank account.

# Account Settings

In the "account settings" module, tweeters can view the information uploaded during authentication and get the AppID and App secret required for interface calls. Click on the "reset" on on the page to get the Appsecret. Note, "reset" need to be confirmed by super administrator WeChat scan code