# Business Access Guidelines

Business needsOpening Mini StoresorPlug the Mini Program into the standard trading componentAnd the Mini Program alliance backgroundScan code to sign upIn order to use the Mini Program alliance to provide push off matchmaking, product promotion, the effect of tracking services.

Please refer to the following documentation for the preparation and access procedures.

# Access preparation

The Mini Program Alliance currently supports onlyTypes of enterprises and individual businessesBusiness access, not yet open personal type of business access.

Enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households type of business access before the alliance,Opening Mini StoresorPlug the Mini Program into the standard trading componentThe specific process is as follows.

# 1. Quick opening of Mini Stores

Quick Start Mini Stores Suitable for first-time merchants. No need to develop, zero cost shop, a key to generate WeChat Mini Store. After opening a Mini Store, businesses can enjoy product information release, product trading, Mini Program live and other e-commerce functions.

Please refer to the specific opening processEnterprise & Individual Business Shop Guide

# 2. Existing Mini Program to access the standard trading component

The standard trading component is a component developed by WeChat. Mini Program developers can call the standard version of the transaction components in their own Mini Programs, so that their Mini Programs have basic business capabilities (such as merchandise, orders, logistics, shops, etc.).

Please refer to the specific access processStandard Trading Components Access Guidelines

# Access step

# 1. Click here to login

Go to The Alliance of Small BusinessesUse WeChat to scan the QR code

# 2. Read and sign the agreement

Read and agree to the "Mini Program alliance functional terms of service (merchant side)," click the "open" on, complete the access process.

# 3. Set commissions and promote products

After the completion of the access process, businesses can use the Mini Program alliance to promote goods, please refer to the specific instructionsBusiness background function explaination

Businesses need to pay attention to the following 2 points: