# Mini Program alliance

The Mini Program Alliance is a CPS promotion tool that WeChat offers to Mini Program merchants and Twitter users. It has the "first transaction after payment" characteristics, the business in the management background release merchandise promotion needs and commissions, commissions will be settled after the successful completion of the promotion of promoters.

# Brief introduction of function

Mini Program Alliance provides management tools for businesses and push customers (business background & push customer background):

  • Merchants can set product promotion commission in the background to view the promotion effect shangjia.png

  • Push off the background to select goods, access to promote material, view the promotion effect, commission

For specific instructions, please refer toBusiness background function explainationand< Push guest background function explaination >

# Access requirement

Have goods, want to be promoted Mini Program business can apply for Mini Program alliance business. There is no source of goods, want to create value through sharing goods promoters, can apply to become a Mini Program alliance push off. Specific access conditions are as follows:

1. merchant Meet one of the following conditions, you can open a Mini Program alliance:

  • Businesses opened/A Mini Store for self-employed people
  • There is a Mini Program and complete the standard version of the transaction component access.

Access guidelines, please refer toBusiness Access Guidelines

2. Twitter: Supporting businesses/Individual industrial and commercial households main access, through the main authentication. Not yet open to individuals. Access guidelines, please refer toTwitter Access Guidelines