# What Is Service Account Device Features?

Device Features is built on the Weixin hardware platform to help connect people and things. It allows hardware manufacturers to connect users with their smart devices through service accounts. By agreeing to the connection agreement specified by the Weixin hardware platform, a wide range of smart devices such as Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi devices and other mobile network devices can easily access Weixin to connect devices, users and services. The Weixin hardware platform also provides AirSync, AirKiss and other basic support frameworks for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies, as well as hadware JSAPI. This allows hardware developers to quickly connect Weixin with smart devices.

# Target Users

Manufacturers of wristbands/pedometers

Manufacturers of talking interactive toys

Manufacturers of photo output devices

Manufacturers of portable printing devices

Smart home product manufacturers

Manufacturers of personal healthcare and medical devices

Smart router manufacturers

# Exclusion

iBeacon device manufacturers

# What Can Features Do After Connecting A Device?

  1. After connecting with WeRun, the device can report the step count to Weixin, and the manufacturer's Official Account can access the specific data and post it to the step rankings.

  2. Send Weixin messages including voices, texts, and images to the device through standard APIs of the Official Account.

  3. Send commands to the device through hardware data APIs to obtain the device status.

  4. Users can forward data on Weixin Moments, and send chat screenshots, documents, and locations to the device.

  5. Guests who are Weixin friends with the owner of a home Wi-Fi router can quickly connect to the home Wi-Fi.

  6. Send notifications, reminders, and alarms through the Official Account.

  7. Use Weixin to quickly configure home network for Wi-Fi devices.

  8. Provide guidance for the first use of the device.

# Connecting with Weixin

  1. Once a Bluetooth device connects to the Weixin app, it will communicate with the manufacturer's service server via the Weixin app.

  2. The device communicates with the Weixin server via the embedded Weixin SDK.

  3. The device connects to the manufacturer's service server and then the service server communicates with the Weixin server.

# Why Should I Enable Device Features?

  1. With Device Features, users who have linked devices in the Service Account can interact with their smart devices. Hardware devices can be connected to users' Weixin apps. For example, users can view and control their wristbands, TVs and other smart home appliances through the Official Account.

  2. Smart devices can be bound in various ways, such as by scanning QR code or using JSAPI. Device manufacturers can therefore accurately access the information about device users.

  3. Device Features provides value-added services for hardware products, including social elements and pattern recognition, as well as more services to improve user stickiness.

# Advantages of Device Features

  1. Weixin has a comprehensive ID system. By enabling Device Features, third-party devices can also use the Weixin ID system.

  2. Weixin provides a lightweight app development program for third-party devices. Combined with Weixin's standard JSAPI and the Weixin hardware platform APIs, hardware manufacturers can quickly build their lightweight apps.

  3. Weixin has a huge base of active users and these users access their Weixin app with a high degree of frequency. It is beneficial to the word-of-mouth advertising of hardware devices, thus greatly reducing the app marketing cost.

  4. Device Features can simplify third-party access to the cloud. With the wide coverage of the Weixin server, even if the third-party server resources are limited, the overall structure can ensure good experience.

  5. Device Features brings the possibility of O2O for third parties. Device manufacturers can use their Official Accounts to create stores on Weixin, where they can provide spare part and consumable sales services on a regular basis according to the operation of devices to deliver better services for users.