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1.1 API Capabilities

1.2 Getting Permissions

1.3 Definitions and Terminology

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# Access Guide

# API Capabilities

The Weixin Official Accounts Platform provides the "Scan" feature and related APIs for the brand owners with permissions. Using these APIs, brand owners can create, manage, and publish their product information via barcode or QR code. With event push for various events, brand owners can manage their operation precisely and carry out data analysis.

"Unique Item Code" provides a Weixin QR code solution to identify each product with a unique identifier, helping brand owners to implement such features as anti-counterfeit, user points, Red Packets, and anti-channel conflict.

"Scan" APIs calling workflow:

# Getting Permissions

The "Scan" feature can only be applied for on the Weixin Official Accounts Platform. After approval, you can get the API permissions including the product category permission and the product barcode segment permission. You can only create products under your authorized categories.

# Definitions and Terminology

Term Definition
Brand owner The company that legally owns the brand (also called merchants). Brand owners can apply for using the "Scan" feature.
Scan Scan barcodes or QR codes via Weixin Scan
Barcode Supported barcode types: EAN13 and EAN8. EAN13 barcodes commonly used in China consist of 13-digit numbers starting with 69. Digit 7-9 is the barcode segment, representing the manufacturer. The last digit is calculated from the first 12 digits for verification. Refer to National Standard GB-12094-1998 for the coding mode.
Barcode segment Barcode segment is the first 7-9 digits of an EAN13 code, which is used to confirm the manufacture information and protect the rights and interests of the brand. Related qualifications need to be provided when applying for the "Scan" feature. For EAN8 code, its barcode segment is the whole code.
QR code Unique product identifier generated in Weixin format. One product is linked with one QR code via internal product ID, so that the brand owner can provide deeper product service. It is suitable for products with no barcode or difficult to transport.
Product homepage The product information page configured by the brand owner, which can be opened in the Weixin app via the Weixin "Scan" feature.
Product details The product details page configured by the brand owner, containing product pictures and text descriptions. It is displayed on the redirected page when users tapping the head area of the product homepage.
Purchase area entry In the upper area of product homepage. After tapping it, users can see "Suggested Retail Price", "Weixin eShop", "E-commerce Link" set by the brand owner and the "E-commerce Channel" entry and the price.
Service promotion area In the middle of the product homepage. Provides custom capabilities such as multimedia display, text introduction, redirection to an external link, following Official Accounts, and claiming Weixin cards/coupons.
Component area Includes the pop-up window before the product homepage is opened and the lower area of product homepage. It highlights anti-counterfeit and other core information of the product homepage.
Related product recommendation In the bottom of the product homepage. It displays the homepage of other recommended products set by the brand owner.

Terminology definitions for "Product homepage":

# Requesting Developer Test Accounts

Weixin Scan allows developers to request test accounts and get the permissions of the "Unique Item Code (QR Code)" APIs for debugging during or before accessing the brand.

Click here for details.

# Contact Us

If you are a developer of the "Scan" feature, you can join the Developer QQ Group (452473629). Please provide the company name, the brand, and your position when requesting to join the group.