# 1. Policy Background

In 2017, the State Taxation Administration stated in the 31st issue of the "Guidance on Further Improving the Implementation of Electronic Ordinary Invoices":

"If the purchaser requests a paper ordinary invoice from the taxpayer who issues an electronic ordinary invoice on site, the taxpayer shall provide a free service to print out the e-invoice. Those who refuse to provide a free printing service or paper invoices shall be promptly corrected by the competent national tax authority."

This means that merchants who provide e-invoices are obligated to provide a paper invoice for free if requested by the consumer.

# 2. Product Solution

Weixin E-Invoice Printing is a convenient self-service printing solution. By using this solution, the merchant simply needs to provide a printer at their business location, which users can use to print out invoices on their own. No service staff is required in the process, which makes invoice printing more efficient and convenient.

This labor-saving solution provides merchants with the ability to print paper invoices and thus meet users' requirements and improves their satisfaction.

# 3. Business Process

# 4. Use Cases

Printers can be deployed in malls, shops, supermarkets, business centers, and other locations to allow users to print invoices on their own. Use cases are described below.

Shopping Mall


Convenience Store