API Description

This API is used to query red packet campaign information.

API Request Format

API request from server
HTTP request method: GET

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Description
access_token string accesstoken, which is appended to the URL as a parameter.
lottery_id string Red packet campaign ID, which should be same as the lottery_id from addlotteryinfo.


Parameter Type Description
errcode int Error code. 0 indicates a successful request, and any value other than 0 indicates a failed request. For more information, see the list of error codes.
errmsg string Error message
title string Red packet campaign title, with a maximum length of 6 Chinese characters (12 English characters). If a template is used, it can be used as the title of the Shake message.
desc string Red packet campaign description, with a maximum length of 7 Chinese characters (14 English characters). If a template is used, it can be used as the subtitle of the Shake message.
onoff int Campaign switch. 0: off; 1: on. Default is 1.
begin_time long Campaign start time, expressed as a Unix timestamp (in sec).
expire_time long Campaign end time, expressed as a Unix timestamp (in sec). The maximum validity period of a campaign is 91 days.
sponsor_appid string Appid of the Official Account of the red packet provider.
appid string Appid of the developer who creates the campaign.
prize_count long Total number of red packets entered.
prize_count_limit long The maximum number of red packets preset when the campaign is created.
jump_url string URL of the third-party's custom page to which a user is redirected from the red packet following page.
expired_prizes long Number of expired red packet tickets
drawed_prizes long Number of issued red packet tickets
available_prizes long Number of available red packet tickets
expired_value long Total amount of expired red packets
drawed_value long Total amount of issued red packets
available_value long Total amount of available red packets

Note: Querying expired_prizes, drawed_prizes, available_prizes, expired_value, drawed_value, and available_value is not supported if red packets are entered more than 3,000 times by calling SetPrizeBucket or the total number of red packets of a campaign exceeds 10,000. To query these field values, contact us by emailing to zhoubian@tencent.com, or join the developer QQ group 390582489.


    lottery_id:" 9sQqUrmdFaY6v9z8TartOA",
  title:"campaign title",
  desc:"campaign description",
    begin_time:" 1446360417",
    expire_time:" 1446400000",
    sponsor_appid:" wxf5b5e87a6a0fde94",
    prize_count: 810,
    expired_prizes: 100,
    expired_value: 10000,
    available_value: 51000