Before enabling Device Feature, you need to first confirm:

  • Whether it is from a hardware manufacturer

  • Whether the Service Account has passed Weixin Verification

The above conditions must be satisfied. If there is no Service Account or developers want to quickly learn about the features, test accounts of Official Accounts can be used.

After enabling the linked document on a computer browser, use Weixin to scan the QR code to enable the test account. Select Device Feature API in Feature Services > Device Feature and click Enable.

# Step 1 Enable the Device Feature Plug-in

For verified Service Accounts, you can enable the "Device Feature" plug-in on the "Add Feature Plug-in" page.

# Step 2 Add Product Model

Each device manufacturer can add multiple product models and each product has its particular icon, default name, feature description, capability set, etc. Click Add Product to add a new product model. After completing "Basic Information", specify the capability set of the product model as needed. Then Weixin interacts with the device based on the registration information entered. After adding the model, the product status is "Unverified". Products under this status can only have 100 device instances. This means the model could obtain 100 device instance IDs at most during development and debugging. More instances can be obtained as needed for verified product only.

# Adding Products for Test Accounts

For test accounts of Official Accounts, Enable the "Device Feature API" and then click Settings to add a product model. The operations are the same with "Step 2".

# Summary

After completing all steps above, a new product model is added. The new product ID is displayed below the product name. For example, as shown in Step 2, "10275" is the ID of the new product.