1 Online Help Tools

1.1 Logging in to Online Help Tools

1.2 Viewing Merchant Information

1.3 Creating Product Information

1.4 Setting Whitelist

1.5 Publishing Products

1.6 Managing Products

# Online Help Tools

With online help tools, merchants can get merchant information, create products, get the JSON data for API request, and check the API request response. Before using the tools, merchants must read the Weixin Scan Access Guide. To deeply understand the Scan APIs, read the relevant part in the documentation.

# Logging in to Online Help Tools

Log in to Online Help Tools and enter AppID and AppSecret, as shown below:

# Viewing Merchant Information

Tap Merchant Information to view the category and barcode segment information under the merchant account. The category ID is used for creating the product information, and the barcode segment limits the product code content according to the EAN-13 standard.

# Creating Product Information

Tap Product Information to create a product. It is strongly recommended that merchants carefully read the parameter descriptions in the "Creating Products" section of the API documentation before entering the information, as shown below:

While editing the product information, you can tap View JSON to get the JSON data, as shown below:

After edition, tap Create Product. This is equivalent to calling the "Create Product" API. After successful creation, you can see the correct return value at the bottom of the page. If an error code is returned, modify the information according to the "Error Code" section of the API documentation, as shown below:

# Setting Whitelist

If a product is successfully created but not reviewed, only users in the whitelist can scan the QR code to see the product. Merchants can tap "Set Developer Whitelist" to manage users in the whitelist, as shown below:

Users in the whitelist can scan the QR code to preview the created product information in the "Product Information" page, as shown below:

# Publishing Products

After the product is successfully created and checked by preview, tap Publish at the bottom of the Product Information page to apply for publishing the product. When approved, the product information is available to all users by scanning the QR code, as shown below:

# Managing Products

Tap Product List to view the created product information. Search for a product by entering "code keystr" or by selecting "Availability". Tap Action on the left to re-edit or delete the product information, as shown below:

Tap Update Product. After successful update, the product information is automatically forwarded to the review system. If approved, the updated product information will be effective, as shown below: