# API Description

The Software Service Management APIs are used by Official Accounts developers and third-party platforms, covering all key features of Wi-Fi via Weixin.

Steps for API call:

(1) Activate plug-in: To use Wi-Fi via Weixin by calling other APIs, you must first activate the Wi-Fi via Weixin plug-in.

(2) Create a store and get the store's shop_id: Wi-Fi via Weixin is set and managed based on stores. You must create a store before making any configurations.

(3) Add Wi-Fi device: You can add either password-based device or portal-based device, so that customers can use the Wi-Fi via Weixin service in the store.

(4) Wi-Fi management: Set connection method, pinned entry on top and merchant homepage for use by customers. Once connecting to the Wi-Fi network, the user will receive an message. Successful connection event and effect monitoring results are used to get the user's Wi-Fi connection data for statistical analysis.

# API Calling Process Flowchart