This API is used to delete a device under the store based on the bssid. After deletion, modify the device's network name and password or stop using the device. Otherwise, the device will be automatically added again. To clear the store's network configuration and all devices, call the API for Clearing Store Network and Configuration.

API Request Format

Protocol: HTTPS
HTTP request method: POST
Request URL:
POST data format: JSON

Request Parameters

Parameter Required Description
access_token Yes The credential for calling the API
POST data Yes JSON data





Field Required Description
bssid Yes The wireless MAC address of the wireless network device to be deleted. This address is a 17-character string of six sets of two-digit numbers or lowercase letters, separated by colons (😃. For example, 00:1f:7a:ad:5c:a8.


The JSON data returned for a successful request:

   "errcode": 0