Weixin eShops is a WeChat Pay-based feature for the Weixin Official Accounts Platform that can used to add and manage products, manage orders and galleries, and settle disputes.

Developers can utilize the eShops API to quickly open and operate an online shop on Weixin. The following APIs are currently supported:

1. Product management API

This API is used to add, delete, and query products, modify product information, as well as put products on or remove products from the gallery.

2. Inventory management API

This API is used to increase/decrease a product inventory and sync it with those in the developer's own system or other platforms.

3. Shipping fee template management API

This API is used to generate, modify, delete, and query postage templates for calculating complex shipping fees.

4. Group management API

This API is used to manage grouped products by adding, deleting, modifying, and querying groups.

5. Product gallery management API

In addition to customizing product galleries on the Official Accounts Platform, Weixin merchants can also call this API to add, delete, modify, and query galleries. Galleries are also made up of controls. Developers can even use their own pages as galleries to call product details pages via the JS API.

6. Order management API

This API allows developers to get orders by order status or time and to ship orders.

7. Feature API

This API can only be used with the "Upload Images" API, via which developers can get image URLs to upload the images to wherever they are needed in the Weixin merchant development API.

Click here to download the Weixin eShops API documentation.