In addition to the limits on API specification and call frequency, when developing Official Accounts, developers should also pay attention to the use rules of sensitive information such as template messages and user data.

When user data is involved:

  • In order to provide services, your collection of any data from users shall be subject to their express prior consent, to the extent that such collection is necessary for operation and function implementation. You should also inform users of data collection purposes, scope and use, etc., to protect their right to know.
  • You must take necessary protection measures for the data collected to prevent such data from being stolen or disclosed.
  • The User Data collected in an Official Account can be used only in this Official Account, and shall not be used in any other Official Account except for this one, or used for any other purpose, nor in any way to be provided to others.
  • If Tencent believes that the way you collect and use User Data may adversely be harmful to the user experience, Tencent has the right to require you to delete the relevant data and to never collect or use the data in the same way.
  • Once you've ceased using these Services, or Tencent has terminated your use of these Services for any reason, you must immediately delete all data (including backups thereof) obtained from the use of these Services and shall no longer use such data in any way.

Other specifications:

  • Do not provide proxy authentication credentials for any user to automatically log in to the Weixin Official Accounts Platform.
  • Do not provide tracking features that include but is not limited to verifying the browsing and clicking of other users on the personal home page.
  • Do not redirect the browser window to other websites automatically.
  • Do not create or publish any contents going against the relevant regulations, public order, good custom, social morality, or other norms.
  • Do not publicly express or imply the cooperative relationships established between you and Tencent, including but not limited to intersect-holdings, business contacts or cooperative relationships, or assert Tencent's recognition to you.

For complete developer specifications and API limits, see Developer API documentation and the Tencent Weixin Official Accounts Platform Developer Agreement.