I. Difficulties in Entering Invoice Titles

(1) After the national taxation reform, consumers must provide the following information when issuing invoices with company titles:

a. [VAT invoices]: Enterprise name + Enterprise tax ID + Address + Phone number + Bank + Bank account

b. [Ordinary invoices]: Enterprise name + Enterprise tax ID (as of July 1, 2017).

(2) There are various difficulties when entering invoice title information:

a. Consumers must remember the enterprise tax ID, bank card no., and other complicated information.

b. The invoicing process is complicated and wastes a great deal of front desk manpower resources: Staff must manually enter the information, which is time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone.

II. Overview of the "Weixin Quick Invoicing" Solution

Title reading method 1:

Title reading method 2:

The user displays the QR code in the invoicing information to the vendor. The vendor scans the code with a code reader to obtain the invoicing information.

Title reading method 3:

API description: When the HTML5 page is accessed in the built-in Weixin browser, you can use the JS code to call up a page of individual invoice title information list and select the appropriate invoice title.

Supported on Weixin V6.5.9 and above for iOS/Android

III. More "Weixin Invoice" Solutions

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