# Introduction to Wi-Fi via Weixin

Wi-Fi via Weixin is a complete range of convenient solutions provided for the merchants' offline stores. After a merchant accesses to Wi-Fi via Weixin, customers can quickly connect to the Wi-Fi network by scanning the QR code via Weixin without entering a complex password. With Wi-Fi via Weixin, merchants can also develop customized services, such as the pinned entry on top in Weixin, display of merchant homepage, and sending a message of successful Wi-Fi network connection via the Official Account. Therefore, Wi-Fi via Weixin can not only improve the user experience, but also help merchants offer precise near-field services.

# Features of Wi-Fi via Weixin

# Development Roles

1. Wi-Fi Merchants

Merchants with development capabilities. By referring to the Software Service Management API Description, they can add existing Wi-Fi devices, configure merchant homepage and connection method, and get Wi-Fi related statistical data.

Note: To call this API, the Wi-Fi via Weixin plug-in must be activated for the Official Account on the Official Accounts Platform.

2. Wi-Fi Hardware Manufacturers

Hardware manufacturers can provide Wi-Fi hardware devices or devices that support Weixin Verification by upgrading the Wi-Fi authentication method.

By referring to the Hardware Authentication Protocol API Description, hardware manufacturers can modify the device's portal page and authentication logic to support Weixin authentication during the process of Wi-Fi network connection. Hardware manufacturers can help merchants upgrade their current devices by guiding them to apply for Wi-Fi via Weixin on the Official Accounts Platform or by obtaining the development information of the merchants' stores by means of third-party authorization.

3. Wi-Fi Service Providers

Wi-Fi service providers can provide offline solutions and Wi-Fi integrated solutions to help merchants promote the operating efficiency and expand the customer base.

Wi-Fi service providers first need to register an account on the Weixin Open Platform and complete the developer qualification verification. Then, they can create a third-party platform and select the "Wi-Fi via Weixin" permission set.

After login via Official Account authorization, the Wi-Fi service providers can implement the service process based on Wi-Fi by referring to the Software Service Management API Description.