To provide the "Weixin Quick Invoicing" service for consumers and merchants, you must first complete the "Weixin Verification" for the Official Account.

Once the Official Account has passed the "Weixin Verification", the corresponding APPID will have permission to access the relevant APIs.

After obtaining the relevant permissions, you can jointly call the APIs according to the documentation for development.

Attachment: Introduction to Weixin Verification

If your APPID has already passed the "Weixin Verification", but you still have permission problems (error code: 48001),

send an email with the following format to to report the problem.

Email subject: [Weixin Quick Invoicing Permission Activation] + Enterprise name

Email message: Company name + contact name + contact number + APPID of the linked Official Account

Email attachment: Company business license

Note: Be sure to provide the correct APPID of the linked Official Account as you must use this APPID to access the relevant APIs.