1. Which API can I use to see the custom product information via Scan?

A: Call the "Get Merchant's Global Information" API to get the authorized category ID and barcode segment. Generate JSON via the online help tools to call the "Create Product Information". Check whether your Weixin ID is whitelisted. Then, you can see the custom product information via Scan. To make the information visible to all users, call the "Review Product" API. Once approved, the product will be published.

2. After I add new users to the whitelist, the old whitelisted users cannot scan to get the product information. Why?

A: Each addition will overwrites the whole whitelist. You can add at most 10 users.

3. When I call the API to set the product information, a prompt of invalid information appears. Why?

A: Please generate valid JSON product data with the online help tools and verify the JSON format with the online tool.

4. How many different entries can be configured in the service promotion area?

A: For text description, Official Accounts, and cards/coupons, you can set only one entry for each type. For common promotion links, Official Accounts, and cards/coupons, you can set at most three entries in total. Entries (with images) to promotional links and video playback cannot be set at the same time.

5. Why do I get {"errcode":61323,"errmsg":"barcode no permision"} when creating a product?

A: If you want to connect the barcode, check whether the first 7 digits or the first 8 digits of the barcode (i. e., the barcode segment) is correct. For example, Coca-Cola's barcode segment is 69204766, and can only match the product barcode starting with 69204766. Otherwise, an error {"errcode":61323,"errmsg":"barcode no permision"} occurs. Therefore, check whether you have permissions to the required barcode segment. The permissions can be applied for in the Weixin Official Accounts Platform.

6. How do I add a custom e-commerce link in the purchasing area? How do I remove other e-commerce links?

A: To add your own e-commerce link in the purchasing area, set action_info of store type when you create the product information. To remove other e-commerce links, for example, the purchasing link of YHD.com or JD.com, etc., set store_mgr_type and store_vendorid_list fields while creating the product information to control which e-commerce channels are shown.

7. How do I make an activity page accessible only to users who scan its QR code?

A: You can use the code scanning event to check whether a user scans the code. You can also check this via the "Check wxticket" API.

8. What can I do with the product page?

A: For the information on what you can do with different types of product pages, see the Capability Overview section in the Developer Guide.

9. How do I issue cards/coupons to users from the product page?

A: Please refer to Weixin Coupon APIs.

10. How do I sell products via Weixin eShop in the product page?

A: Please refer to the Weixin eShop API Documentation.