# Introduction

In order to help alliance developers improve promotion efficiency, Mini Program alliance opened the promotion bit, alliance merchandise and alliance order management interface, developers can call the interface to achieve the relevant tools.

# Development preparation

Get access to the interface

  1. Sign up for the Alliance Twitter account 1). Go toUnion Twitter Official WebsiteUse WeChat to scan the QR code on the page and choose to register an account 2). Read the electronic protocol, enter the account name and complete the registration process 3). Refresh the page of the official website of the alliance, use WeChat to scan the two-dimensional code, and select the registered account to login.

  2. Certified Alliance Twitter account 1). According to the page tips to enter the account authentication process, submit the subject information, business license information, legal person information, administrator information and settlement bank account information and other information for authentication 2). Detailed certification process and guidelines are available for referenceTwitter Access Guidelines 3). After the authentication, the access to the interface is obtained automatically.

Second, get the interface call credentials access_token)

  1. Login to the Alliance Push Guest Management Background, click on the left navigation bar [account settings], get the Twitter account appID and app secret(App secret need account super administrator WeChat scan code to get)
  2. Call the interface, get the interface call credentials by appID and appsecret, click to viewCredential Acquisition Interface Document

Three, view the Mini Program alliance interface documents

Note: POSTRequests are made in theHTTP RequestHeaderSet incontent-type: application/json

Interface Name Introductions
[Get a list of affiliate product categories and category ID](./product/category.md#1. Get a list of alliance product categories and category ID) Get the first class list and class ID of alliance product through this interface
[Find Full Product Details](./product/category.md#2. Search for Total Quantity of Goods) Support developers through access to the full amount of merchandise information alliance, support according to the product keywords (name, store, spuID), product prices, product commissions, commission ratio, whether there is a Union coupon screening
[Search Alliance Selected Products](./product/category.md#3. Search Alliance Select Products) Support developers to get the information of the selected products of the alliance (up to 50 products at a time), support according to the product price, product commission, commission ratio, whether there is a Union coupon screening
[Get product promotion material](./product/category.md#3. Access to marketing materials) Through the interface to obtain product promotion materials, including shop appID, product details page Path, promotion copy and promotion short chain, product pictures, product Mini Program code, etc.
[Add promotion bit](./promotion.md#1. Add Promotion Spots) Add promotion bits via this interface
[Delete promotion bit](./promotion.md#2. Delete Promotion Places) Remove promotion bits via this interface and commission may still be generated after removal of promotion bits
[Editorial Promotion Position](./promotion.md#3. Editorial outreach) Edit the extension bit name from this interface
[Get a list of promoted bits](./promotion.md#Get a list of promoted bits) Get the name and ID of the existing promotion bit through this interface
Inquiry order details Filter order details by order ID, order status, order payment time