# Add a business address

# Interface call request specification

Http request method: POST

# Request Parameter Sample

            "province_Name ":" Guangdong Province " ,
            "city_Name ":" City of Guangzhou " ,
            "county_Name ":" Name " ,
            "detail_Info: Guangzhou Tianhe District People's Government " ,
        " send_
        "default_send " :1,
        "recv_Addr "0,

# Return Package Example

    "errcode" : 0,
    "errcode" : ""

# Request Parameter Dxplaination

parameter type Is it necessary to fill out Introductions
address_detail.landline string no Landline
address_detail.remark string no Remarks
address_detail.send_addr number no Shipping address(1 Yes 0 No)
address_detail.default_send number no Is the default shipping address(1 Yes 0 No)
address_detail.recv_addr number no Delivery address(1 Yes 0 No)
address_detail.default_recv number no Is the default shipping address(1 Yes 0 No)
address_detail.address_type.same_city number no Is the same city delivery address(1 Yes 0 No)
address_detail.address_type.pickup number no Whether the line from the address(1 Yes 0 No)
address_detail.address_info.user_name string yes Contact Name
address_detail.address_info.postal_code string no postal code
address_detail.address_info.province_name string yes GB receiving address first level address
address_detail.address_info.city_name string yes GB receiving address secondary address
address_detail.address_info.county_name string yes GB Receiving Address Third-level Address
address_detail.address_info.detail_info string yes Detailed address
address_detail.address_info.national_code string no Address Country Code
address_detail.address_info.Tel_number string no Consignee mobile phone number
address_detail.address_info.lat double no longitude
address_detail.address_info.lng double no latitude
address_detail.address_info.house_number string no House number

# Return parameter specification

parameter type Introductions
Errcode string Error code
errmsg string Error message

# Return code

Return code Type of error
-1 System exception
-2 Token is too long