# InterstitialAd

Insert Screen Advertising Component. The screen placement component is a native component with a higher hierarchy than the normal component. The splash advertisement component will return a new instance every time it is created (the splash advertising instance of the Mini Program side is not allowed to use across pages), the default is hidden, you need to call InterstitialAd.show() Display it.

# method

# Promise InterstitialAd.show()

Display ad inserts.

# Promise InterstitialAd.load()

Load a screen ad.

# InterstitialAd.destroy()

Destroy the screen ad instance.

# InterstitialAd.onLoad(function callback)

Listen to the plug-in ad loading event.

# InterstitialAd.offLoad(function callback)

Cancel Monitor Plugin Loading Event

# InterstitialAd.onError(function callback)

Listen for plugin error events.

# InterstitialAd.offError(function callback)

Cancel Monitor Plugin Error Event

# InterstitialAd.onClose(function callback)

Listen to screen ads closing events.

# InterstitialAd.offClose(function callback)

Cancel Listen Clip Ad Close Event