# Image

Start from base library version 2.7.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

Picture object

# attribute

# string src

Pictorial URL。 v2.11.0 Support transfer base64 Data URI

# number width

True width of picture

# number height

The true height of the picture

# string referrerPolicy

Start from base library version 2.13.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

origin: Send the full referrer no-referrer: Do not send. Format fixed to https://servicewechat.com/{appid}/{version}/page-frame.htmlWhere {appid} For Mini Program appid,{version} Is the version number of the Mini Program, which is 0 Represents a development version, a trial version, and a review version with a version number of devtools Represented as developer tools and the rest as official versions

# function onload

A callback function that triggers when the picture is loaded

# function onerror

A callback function triggered after an error in picture loading