# NodesRef

To obtain WXML Node information object

# method

# SelectorQuery NodesRef.fields(Object fields, NodesRef.FieldsCallback callback)

Gets information about the node. The fields to fetch are specified in fields. The return value is nodesRef Corresponding selectorQuery

# SelectorQuery NodesRef.boundingClientRect(NodesRef.boundingClientRectCallback callback)

Add a query request for the layout location of the node. In pixels relative to the display area. Its function is similar to HOUSE of getBoundingClientRectReturn. NodesRef Corresponding SelectorQuery

# SelectorQuery NodesRef.scrollOffset(NodesRef.scrollOffsetCallback callback)

Adds a scrolling position query request for the node. In pixels. Nodes must be scroll-view or viewportTo return NodesRef Corresponding SelectorQuery

# SelectorQuery NodesRef.context(NodesRef.contextCallback callback)

Add node Context Object query request. Current support VideoContextCanvasContextLivePlayerContextEditorContextand MapContext The acquisition of.

# SelectorQuery NodesRef.node(NodesRef.nodeCallback callback)

Obtain Node Node instance.