# AudioBuffer WebAudioContext.createBuffer(number numOfChannels, number length, number sampleRate)

with Promise style call: Not supported

Mini Program plugin: Not supported

Create an AudioBuffer that represents a short audio segment that resides in memory

# parameter

# number numOfChannels

Defined buffer Integer number of audio channels contained in the

# number length

representative buffer Integer number of sample frames in

# number sampleRate

Sampling rate of linear audio samples, that is, the number of key frames per second

# Return value

# AudioBuffer

buffer Returns an instance of AudioBuffer

# sample code

sample code

const audioCtx = wx.createWebAudioContext()
const channels = 2, frameCount = audioCtx.sampleRate * 2.0
const myArrayBuffer = audioCtx.createBuffer(channels, frameCount, audioCtx.sampleRate)