# RewardedVideoAd

Incentive Video Advertising Component. The incentive video advertising component is a native component with a higher level of hierarchy than normal components. Incentive video advertising is a singleton (small game is the global singleton, Mini Program is the page single, in the Mini Program single object is not allowed to cross the page), the default is hidden, you need to call RewardedVideoAd.show() Display it.

# method

# Promise RewardedVideoAd.load()

Load motivational video ads.

# Promise RewardedVideoAd.show()

Display motivational video ads. Motivational video ads will be pushed from below the screen.

# RewardedVideoAd.destroy()

Destroy incentive video advertising examples.

# RewardedVideoAd.onLoad(function callback)

Listen for motivational video ad loading events.

# RewardedVideoAd.offLoad(function callback)

Unlisten Incentive Video Ad Loading Event

# RewardedVideoAd.onError(function callback)

Listen for incentive video error events.

# RewardedVideoAd.offError(function callback)

Unlisten Incentive Video Error Event

# RewardedVideoAd.onClose(function callback)

Listening user clicks Turn off advertising Button event.

# RewardedVideoAd.offClose(function callback)

Cancel listening for user clicks Turn off advertising Button event