# FileSystemManager.mkdirSync(string dirPath, boolean recursive)

with Promise style call: Not supported

Mini Program plugin: Support, need to Mini Program base library version no less than 2.19.2

FileSystemManager.mkdir The synchronous version of

# parameter

# string dirPath

Directory path created (Local path)

# boolean recursive

Start from base library version 2.3.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

Whether to create this directory after recursively creating its parent directory. If the corresponding parent directory already exists, the parent directory is not created. Such as dirPath for a/b/c/d and recursive for True, will create the a Directory, and then in the a Create under directory b Directory, and so on until the a/b/c Directory d Directory.

# error

Error code Error message Introductions
fail No such file or directory ${dirPath} There is no parent directory
fail permission denied, open ${dirPath} Specified filePath Path does not have write permissions
fail file already exists ${dirPath} Has a file or directory with the same name
fail sdcard not mounted Android sdcard Mount failure

# sample code

const fs = wx.getFileSystemManager()
  dirPath: `${wx.env.USER_DATA_PATH}/example`,
  recursive: false
  success(res) {
  fail(res) {

// Synchronous interface
try {
  fs.mkdirSync(`${wx.env.USER_DATA_PATH}/example`, false)
} catch(e) {