# Promise InterstitialAd.show()

with Promise style call: Not supported

Mini Program plugin: Not supported

Display ad inserts.

# Return value

# Promise

Result of Screen Insertion Advertising Display Operation

# Error code information table

If the display fails, Interactive Ad.show() Method returns a rejected Promise, developers can get the error code and the corresponding error information.

code Abnormal situation reason
2001 Trigger frequency limit Mini Program starts a certain time is not allowed to display advertising screen
2002 Trigger frequency limit There is not enough time interval between the last play of the Mini Program screen advertisement or incentive video advertisement. It is not allowed to display screen advertisement.
2003 Trigger frequency limit Currently playing motivational video ads or screen ads are not allowed to display screen ads again
2004 Ad Rendering Failure This error is not a developer anomaly or an ad rendering failure due to page switching of the Mini Program
2005 Ad Call Exception Insert Ad instance does not allow cross-page calls