# Array.&ltHitTestRes&gt VKSession.hitTest(number x, number and Object reset)

Start from base library version 2.20.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

with Promise style call: Not supported

Mini Program plugin: Not supported

Touch detection is currently supported only in a single plane that is hitTest After generating a plane, the following hitTest Instead of generating a plane, the detection is based on the previously generated plane. If you need to reidentify another plane, you can call this method by setting the reset Parameter set to true。

# parameter

# number x

The abscissa relative to the window is in the range [0, 1],0 For the left edge, 1 For the right edge

# number and

Relative to the ordinate of the window, the range is [0, 1],0 For upper edge, 1 For the lower edge

# Object reset

Do you need to reidentify other planes

# Return value

# Array.&ltHitTestRes&gt

Detection result