# MediaRecorder

Start from base library version 2.11.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

Can be passed wx.createMediaRecorder Create.

MediaRecorder WebGL Picture recorder, can be recorded related operations, the end of the recording when the export of video files

# method

# Promise MediaRecorder.pause()

Pause recording

# Promise MediaRecorder.resume()

Resume recording

# Promise MediaRecorder.start()

Start recording.

# Promise MediaRecorder.stop()

End recording

# Promise MediaRecorder.requestFrame(function callback)

Request the next frame recording, in the callback Start recording the current frame after finishing the render

# MediaRecorder.on(string eventName, function callback)

Registers callback functions for listening to recorded events. When the corresponding event triggers, the callback function is executed.

# MediaRecorder.off(string eventName, function callback)

Cancels listening recording events. When the corresponding event triggers, the callback is no longer executed.

# Promise MediaRecorder.destroy()

Destruction recorder