# MapContext.includePoints(Object object)

Start from base library version 1.2.0. Please remaining backward compatible.

Scale the field of view to display all latitude and longitude degrees

# Parameter

# Object object
property type default value optional description version
points Array.<Object> yes List of coordinate points to be displayed in the visible area
padding Array.<number> no Distance between the edge of the rectangle formed by coordinate points and the edge of the map (in pixel). The format is [top, right, bottom, left]. Only the first item of the array can be identified on Android. The padding is consistent for top, bottom, left, and right. Padding parameters are currently not supported on developer tools.
success function no 接口调用成功的回调函数
fail function no 接口调用失败的回调函数
complete function no 接口调用结束的回调函数(调用成功、失败都会执行)

object.points 's valid value

property type default value optional description version
longitude number yes Longitude
latitude number yes Latitude