# SelectorQuery

Object for querying node information

# method

# SelectorQuery SelectorQuery.in(Component component)

Change the selection of a selector to a custom component component Inside. Initially, the selector selects only page-scoped nodes, not nodes in any custom component.

# NodesRef SelectorQuery.select(string selector)

Select the first match selector under the current page selector Node of the. Returns a NodesRef Object that can be used to get node information.

# NodesRef SelectorQuery.selectAll(string selector)

Select the match selector under the current page selector All nodes of the.

# NodesRef SelectorQuery.selectViewport()

Select the display area. Can be used to obtain display area size, scroll position and other information.

# NodesRef SelectorQuery.exec(function callback)

Execute all requests. The request results form an array in the order requested and are returned in the first parameter of callback.