# wx.onCompassChange(function callback)

with Promise style call: Not supported

Mini Program plugin: Not supported

Monitor compass data changes. Frequency: 5 second/Seconds, the interface will automatically start listening after the call, you can use the wx.stopCompass Stop listening.

# parameter

# function callback

Callback function for compass data change events

# parameter

# Object object
attribute type Introductions Minimum version
direction number Degree of direction faced
accuracy number/string accuracy 2.4.0

# sample code


# accuracy in iOS/Android Difference

Due to platform differences, accuracy in iOS/Android Has different values.

  • iOS:accuracy It's a... number Represents a deviation from the magnetic north pole. 0 Indicates device pointing magnetic north, 90 It points east, 180. Point south, and so on.
  • Android:accuracy It's a... string Is an enumerated value of the.
value Introductions
high high precision
medium Medium precision
low Low precision
no-contact Untrusted. Sensor lost connection.
unreliable Not credible, reason unknown
unknow ${value} An unknown precision enumeration value, that is, the Android Representing the precision returned by the system at this time value Is not a standard precision enumeration value