# AuthSetting

User authorization settings information, refer toJurisdiction

# attribute

# boolean scope.userInfo

Authorized user information, corresponding interface wx.getUserInfo

# boolean scope.userLocation

Authorized geolocation, corresponding interface wx.getLocation, wx.chooseLocation

# boolean scope.address

Whether to authorize mailing address, has canceled this authorization, will default to return true

# boolean scope.invoiceTitle

Authorize invoice header, canceled authorization, returns true by default

# boolean scope.invoice

Is it authorized to get invoices? If this authorization has been revoked, it returns true by default

# boolean scope.werun

Whether to authorize WeChat movement steps, corresponding to the interface wx.getWeRunData

# boolean scope.record

Whether to authorize recording function, corresponding interface wx.startRecord

# boolean scope.writePhotosAlbum

Authorize Save to Album wx.saveImageToPhotosAlbum, wx.saveVideoToPhotosAlbum

# boolean scope.camera

Whether to authorize the camera, corresponding[camera]((camera)) assembly