# CanvasContext.clearRect(number x, number and number width, number height)

with Promise style call: Not supported

Mini Program plugin: Support

Clears the contents of the canvas inside the rectangular area

# parameter

# number x

The upper-left abscissa of a rectangular path

# number and

The ordinate of the upper-left corner of a rectangular path

# number width

Width of Rectangular Path

# number height

Height of rectangular path

# sample code

clearRect Instead of drawing a white rectangle in the address area, it empties it, for intuitive feel, yes canvas Added a layer of background color.

<canvas canvas-id="myCanvas" style="border: 1px solid background: #123456"/>
const ctx = wx.createCanvasContext('myCanvas')
ctx.fillRect(0, 0, 150, 200)
ctx.fillRect(150, 0, 150, 200)
ctx.clearRect(10, 10, 150, 75)