# RealtimeLogManager

Real - time log manager instance, which can be accessed through the wx.getRealtimeLogManager Get.

# method

# RealtimeLogManager.info()

write info Logging is not supported in plugins

# RealtimeLogManager.warn()

write warn Logging is not supported in plugins

# RealtimeLogManager.error()

write error Logging is not supported in plugins

# RealtimeLogManager.setFilterMsg(string msg)

Set filter keywords, temporarily do not support the use of

# RealtimeLogManager.addFilterMsg(string msg)

Add filter keywords, temporarily not supported in plugin use

# Instructions

To help Mini Program developers quickly troubleshoot Mini Program vulnerabilities, location problems, we launched a real-time log function. Starting from the basic library 2.7.1, developers can print logs through the provided interface, log aggregation and real-time reporting to the Mini Program background.
Developers can manage the background from the Mini Program “Development ->Operations Center ->Go to the Mini Program log query page, or from the "Mini Program plug-in">Real-time log” Go to the plugin side log query page and view the log information printed by the developer.