# wx.getUserProfile(Object object)

Start from base library version 2.10.4. Please remaining backward compatible.

with Promise style call: Supported

Mini Program plugin: Not supported

Get user information. The page generates a click event such as button on bindtap Each request will pop up an authorization window after the user agrees to return userInfoThe interface is used to replace the wx.getUserInfoSee User Information Interface Adjustment Specification

# parameter

# Object object

attribute type Default values Required Introductions
long string in no Language for displaying user information
desc string yes Declare the purpose of obtaining the user's personal information, no more than 30 characters
success function no Interface calls the successful callback function
fail function no Interface calls failed callback functions
complete function no Interface calls the end of the callback function (call success or failure will be executed)

object.long Legal value

value Introductions Minimum version
in English
zh_CN Simplified Chinese
zh_TW Traditional Chinese

# object.success callback

# parameter
# Object res
attribute type Introductions Minimum version
userInfo UserInfo User information object 2.10.4
rawData string Raw data string that does not include sensitive information for computing signatures 2.10.4
signature string Use sha1( rawData + sessionkey ) Gets a string used to verify user information, see Signature verification and encryption and decryption of user data 2.10.4
encryptedData string Encrypted data for complete user information, including sensitive data, see [Signature verification and encryption and decryption of user data]((signature#Encryption data decryption algorithm)) 2.10.4
iv string Encryption algorithm initial vector, see [Signature verification and encryption and decryption of user data]((signature#Encryption data decryption algorithm)) 2.10.4
cloudID string Cloud of sensitive data ID, OpenCloud DevelopmentThe Mini Program will return, can directly access open data through the cloud call, seeDirect access to open data for cloud calls 2.10.4

# sample code

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# Bug & Tip

  1. tip: only in the Mini Program wx.getUserInfo Interface adjustment, small game is not affected
  2. tipOnly in developer tools 2.10.4 And above version can be accessed wx.getUserProfile Interface, you can refer to the sample code on the real machine to determine, without the need to rely on the version number or canIUse Conditions of Conduct.
  3. tipwx.getUserProfile The returned encrypted data does not contain openId and unionId Field.
  4. bugIn developer tools 2.10.4``2.16.1 Base library version passed <button open-type="getUserInfo"> Returns real data, and on real machines this interval returns anonymous data as advertised.
<view class="container">
  <view class="userinfo">
    <block wx:if="{{!hasUserInfo}}">
      <button wx:if="{{canIUseGetUserProfile}}" bindtap="getUserProfile"> Get avatar nicknames </button>
      <button wx:else open-type="getUserInfo" bindgetuserinfo="getUserInfo"> Get avatar nicknames </button>
    <block wx:else>
      <image bindtap="bindViewTap" class="userinfo-avatar" src="{{userInfo.avatarUrl}}" mode="cover"></image>
      <text class="userinfo-nickname">{{userInfo.nickName}}</text>
  data: {
    userInfo: {},
    hasUserInfo: false,
    canIUseGetUserProfile: false,
  onLoad() {
    if (wx.getUserProfile) {
        canIUseGetUserProfile: true
  getUserProfile(and) {
    // Recommended to use wx.getUserProfile to obtain user information, developers every time through the interface access to user personal information are required to confirm the user
    // Developers safeguarded the user quickly fill in the avatar nickname, to avoid repeated pop-ups
      desc: 'Use to improve membership information ', // Declare the user's personal information after the purpose, the follow-up will be displayed in the pop-up window, please fill in carefully
      success: (res) => {
          userInfo: res.userInfo,
          hasUserInfo: true
  getUserInfo(and) {
    // It is not recommended to use getUserInfo to get user information, it is expected that from April 13, 2021, getUtherInfo will no longer pop-up pop-up window, and will directly return anonymous user personal information
      userInfo: and.detail.userInfo,
      hasUserInfo: true