# wx.navigateBack(Object object)

with Promise style call: Supported

Need page permissions: Mini Programs cannot call this interface from a plugin page, and plugins cannot call the interface from the plugins page

Mini Program plugin: Support, need to Mini Program base library version no less than 2.1.0

When used in Mini Programs plug-ins, can only be called from the page of the current plug-in

WeChat Windows edition:: Support

WeChat Mac edition:: Support

Closes the current page to return to the previous page or multiple levels. Can be passed getCurrentPages Get the current page stack and decide how many layers to return.

# parameter

# Object object

attribute type Default values Required Introductions
delta number 1 no Number of pages returned, if delta Is greater than the number of existing pages, return to the home page.
success function no Interface calls the successful callback function
fail function no Interface calls failed callback functions
complete function no Callback function at the end of an interface call (both successful and unsuccessful calls are executed)

# sample code

// Note: Call navigateTo When jump, the page that calls this method is added to the stack, and redirectTo Method does not. See example code below

// This is page A.
  url: 'Bid=1'

// This is page B.
  url: 'Cid=1'

// On page C NavigateBack will return to page A
  delta: 2