Experience scoring is a function to score the Mini Program experience good or bad, it will be in the process of running in real-time check, analysis of some may lead to bad experience, and locate where there is a problem, as well as give some optimization suggestions.

Operating environment requirements

  • Download and install 1.02.1808300 Or above version of Developer Tools, Download Address
  • Base library needs to cut to 2.2.0 Or version above.

Using processes

  1. Open Developer Tools and switch base libraries in details to 2.2.0 Or version above.
  2. Switch to the debugger area Audits Panels.
  3. Click the "Start" on, and then operate the Mini Program interface, run the page will be "experience score" detected.


  1. to hit "Stop " Then the detection ends and the corresponding detection report is displayed in the current panel. The developer can optimize the corresponding function according to the suggestions in the report.
  2. To run the experience score again, click "Clear Experience Score" at the top of the report to resume the initial state. Please note that the system does not provide report storage service at present. Once you clear the experience score, you will no longer be able to view the results of this score.


Automatic operation

In order to facilitate developers to be able to timely find the Mini Program experience problems, from the developer tools 1.02.1811150 Version to support experience scoring "autorun" Function.

The function will be developed debugging Mini Program, real-time check, once found that the experience score is lower than 70 Time-Sharing, the system will be in console Panel prints a warning Information prompts the developer, at which point the developer can cut to Audits Panel to view details.

The developer is in the top right corner of the tool "Details" Panel's Local settings Middle tick "Autorun Experience Score" Option to open.

! autorun

Scoring Rules

Specific scoring rules and detailed rules can be referred to the following documents: