Directory Structure

The Mini Program comes with an app directory that describes the overall program and multiple page directories that describe the respective pages.

The main part of a Mini Program is composed of three files that must be placed in the project’s root directory:

File Required Description
app.js Yes Mini Program logic
app.json Yes Common configurations for Mini Program
app.wxss No Common style sheet for Mini Program

A Mini Program page is composed of four files:

File Type Required Description
js Yes Page logic
wxml Yes Page structure
json No Page configuration
wxss No Page style sheet

Note: To reduce the number of configuration items developers have to deal with, the four files that describe a page must have identical paths and file names.

Files allowed for upload

In the project directory, the following files are compiled and thus cannot be accessed directly after they are uploaded: *.js, app.json, *.wxml, and *.wxss (wxml and wxss are only for pages configured in app.json). In addition to these file types, only files with suffixes in the following whitelist can be uploaded:

  1. wxs
  2. png
  3. jpg
  4. jpeg
  5. gif
  6. svg
  7. json
  8. cer
  9. mp3
  10. aac
  11. m4a
  12. mp4
  13. wav
  14. ogg
  15. silk