Scoring method

There are currently 27 rules for experience scoring, divided into three categories: performance, experience, best practices, Meet the rules required score (100 points), otherwise no score (0 points). Finally, according to the rules weight and formula to calculate the total score.

A rule with a weight of 0, indicating that the rule does not participate in scoring and is only used as a prompt item. Developers can click Ignore in Developer Tools.

The scoring conditions for each rule may also be adjusted with the version of the Mini Program.

The weights are as follows

classification rule weight
performance Script execution time 7
First screen time 6
Render time 6
SetData Call Frequency 6
SetData data size 6
Number of WXML nodes 6
Request time-consuming 5
Number of network requests 5
Number of picture requests 5
PictureCache 4
Image size 4
Network Request Cache 2
experience Turn on inertia rolling 8
Avoid using:activePseudo-class to implement click-state 8
Keep the picture size ratio 4
Response area for clickable elements 3
iPhone X compatible 3
Window Change Fit 3
Reasonable color match 0
Best practices Avoid JS exceptions 3
Avoiding Network Request Exceptions 3
Deprecated interface 2
Using HTTPS 1
Avoid setData data redundancy 1
Minimum base library version 0
Remove inaccessible pages 0
WXSS usage 0
Timely recovery timer 0

Rules Dxplaination

For a detailed explaination of the rules, refer to the following documents: