Getting Started

Before developing a Mini Program, you need to have a Mini Program account, which allows you to manage your Mini Program.

This tutorial is designed to get you started with developing a Mini Program quickly.

Applying for an Account

Go to the Mini Program Registration page, and enter and submit the required information as instructed to get your Mini Program account.

In the Mini Program management platform, you can manage the permissions of your Mini Program, view data reports, release Mini Programs, etc.

Log in to Mini Program Console, go to Settings > Development Settings to find the AppID of the Mini Program.

The AppID is used to uniquely identify the Mini Program in the Mini Program platform and will be used in many cases (this AppID is different from that of service account or subscription account).

With a Mini Program account, you need a tool to develop your Mini Program.

Installing Weixin DevTools

Go to the Weixin DevTools download page to download the installer package based on your OS. For more information on Weixin DevTools, see Introduction to Weixin DevTools.

Log in to the Weixin DevTools by scanning the QR code with Weixin.

Your First Mini Program

Create a Mini Program project, select a disk directory for storing code, enter the applied Mini Program AppID, name your project, and then check "Create a QuickStart Project". (Note: this option is only available when you select an empty directory). Then click OK to create the Mini Program. Click Compile on the top menu to preview your Mini Program in the Weixin DevTools.

Now you can preview what your Mini Program looks like.

Compilation Preview

Click Compile to view how your Mini Program performs in the simulator on the left. You can also click Preview and to try out your Mini Program on your phone through Weixin's "Scan" .

You have successfully created your Mini Program and tried it out on your Weixin.

The next chapter will describe the code composition of this Mini Program.