Support in the Mini Program to search for peripheral Wi-Fi, while being able to target specific Wi-Fi, incoming password initiates connection.

This series of interfaces is system native capability. If you want to seeWeChat with Wi-FiAbility and configuration jump Mini Program, please refer to document

Connection specified Wi-Fi Interface call timing:

  • Android:startWifi > connectWifi > onWifiConnected
  • IOS (iOS only) 11 and above version supported): startWifi > connectWifi > onWifiConnected

Even around Wi-Fi Interface call timing:

  • Android:startWifi > getWifiList > onGetWifiList > connectWifi > onWifiConnected
  • iOS(iOS 11.0 and 11.1 versions are temporarily not supported for system reasons): startWifi > getWifiList > onGetWifiList > setWifiList > onWifiConnected


  • Wi-Fi Related interfaces temporarily unavailable wx.canIUse Interface judgment.
  • Android 6.0 Above version, when not open the location switch will cause the device can not properly access the peripheral Wi-Fi Information.