Base Library

Base Library Update

In order to avoid the unknown impact of a new base library version on the online Mini Programs, the Weixin app is released with the last stable version of the base library.

After a new app is released, the new version of the base library will go through a 12- to 24-hour beta test in the backend until it is available on the user device.

For example, Weixin 6.5.8 was released with the base library 1.1.1 (the full and stable version on Weixin 6.5.7). After the release of Weixin 6.5.8, the base library 1.2.0 will go through the beta process in the backend.

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Relationship Between the Base Library and the Weixin

The capabilities of the Mini Program need to be supported by Weixin. Each base library can only run on the corresponding Weixin version. A higher version of the base library is not compatible with a lower-version Weixin app. In general:

  • Update of the primary (major) and secondary (minor) version numbers depends on new Weixin versions. For example: The base library 2.1.3 runs on Weixin 6.6.7 and the base library 2.2.0 requires Weixin 6.7.0.
  • Update of the tertiary (patch) version number does not depend on app update. For example, the base library 2.1.0-2.1.3 all run on Weixin 6.6.7, and the new version will overwrite the old version.

For compatibility of the base library, see the Compatibility Processing chapter.