Member Card Components

Developers can call the API to pull up member card activation components in Mini Programs, so that users can quickly fill in the member registration information and receive the card. The API pulls up the card activation component without linking the card activation component and the initiating Mini Program to the same Official Account in advance, and the developer can call it directly.

The developer must complete the following steps before calling:

  1. Create a Weixin member card and set it to One tap activate mode;
  2. Set card activation fields;
  3. Obtain card activation component parameters;

For details, see introductions to member card activation components: Member card activation components

Parameter description

Parameter Name Type Required or Not Parameters
appId String Yes Fill in wxeb490c6f9b154ef9, which is the fixed value for the appid
extraData Object Yes The parameter of the card activation component, which is obtained in step 3, including the following three parameters
encrypt_card_id String Yes Encrypted card_id, which is required to execute urldecode before imported
outer_str String Yes The value of the member card receipt channel, which is passed back to the vendor in the coupon receipt event
biz String Yes The identification parameter of the vendor Official Account, which is required to execute urldecode before imported
success Function No Callback function used for successful API call
fail Function No Callback function for failed API call
complete Function No Callback function used when API call completed (always executed whether call succeeds or fails)

Return parameters

Parameter Name Type Parameters
errMsg String Call results

Sample code

  appId: 'wxeb490c6f9b154ef9', //Use it as a fixed value for appid, which cannot be changed
  extraData: data, // Including three fields of encrypt_card_id, outer_str and biz; the parameter should be obtained from the link provided in step 3
  success: function() {
  fail: function() {
  complete: function() {

navigateToMiniProgram API is to be discarded; in the newer version, please use this feature with navigator component

<navigator target="miniProgram" app-id="wxeb490c6f9b154ef9" extra-data="{{data}}">Member card activation</navigator>

Return description

In App. onShow, determine the data returned from the member card activation Mini Program

  1. Determine whether data.referrerInfo.appId is the appId wxeb490c6f9b154ef9 of the card activation Mini Program. If not, abort now
  2. Determine whether there is any data for data.referrerInfo.extraData. If not, it indicates the user swipes left to return or taps the return button before completing activation process, or indicates activation is complete
  3. If activation is complete, get the activate_ticket, card_id and code parameters from data.referrerInfo.extraData for the next action


  1. Calling this API on the Weixin DevTools does not actually jump to another Mini Program, but the Weixin DevTools verifies that this call jump is successful. See details
  2. Weixin DevTools supports the jumped-to Mini Program to process the debugging of receiving parameters. See details
  3. The card activation component is an official component developed with wx.navigateToMiniProgram. It can be called directly without linking to the same Official Account when performing a redirection