Weixin Logistics Assistant (for Expresses)

With Logistics Assistant, developers in need of logistics can connect to multiple express companies quickly and efficiently and receive real-time express status via Weixin service notifications, which enhances the user experience.

Product Advantages

  1. Take Weixin ecosystem orders: Serve all merchants with mailing needs in Weixin ecosystem via the unified Weixin API at one time.
  2. Increase user revisits: Key express status will be sent to the users via Weixin service notifications. The users can click to revisit Express Company Mini Programs to view the express status of or perform subsequent operations for the orders.

Instructions for Access

Currently, express companies can be accessed to Logistics Assistant via targeted invitation.

Access Preparation

1. Mini Program

After receiving track update message, users can be redirected to the track details page of the Express Mini Program. At least two pages are required:

  1. Express track details page. For path, see pages/info/info?from=wx&no=12345678901234. When Weixin performs redirection, the tracking number will be passed.
  2. Express complaint page

2. Mini Program event service

Event service is used to receive notifications pushed by Weixin. Events include reviewing merchants, checking balance, placing orders, canceling waybills, etc.

3. Waybill templates and examples

Mark the size of each area and font size. See Template Examples